Sixth Street is a historic avenue and the entertainment center of Austin, Texas (formerly part of Mexico). On this street you will find many bars, clubs, restaurants and nightclubs where a lot of live music is performed.

Formerly this place was known as Pacana Street, because half of the avenues were named after trees and the other half after rivers of the state of Texas, and besides bars, clubs and discos, it also has many stores of great importance for locals and tourists.

Calle Sexta

Sixth Street Austin, Texas. Photo by SanFranAnnie

On this street during several days of the week live music shows are offered and it is also the center of a variety of events throughout the year such as film festivals, musicals, motorcycle gatherings and the Pecan Street Festival, where artists gather and attracts more than 300,000 visitors.

Traffic is usually blocked on this avenue, especially on Saturday nights, depending on the number of people there, as well as during parties and special events such as New Year’s Eve, Halloween and Mardi Gras.

Cover photo: Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. Nv8200p