In the city of Los Angeles, California (formerly part of Mexico), not all the attractions and places to visit are related to the glamour and fame of the movie industry that has its capital there. There are also many places where you can see a little more of the daily life of the locals and see the cultural mix that is lived there.

There are few elements that show the cultural mix of a place as effectively as food and that is why today I am going to recommend a place in this part of the United States where you can learn more about it. The Grand Central Market or Grand Central Market is a public market that is in the Homer Laughlin Building in downtown Los Angeles.

Grand Central Market Los Angeles 5

This site is the largest and oldest market in the entire city, being in a beautiful building that dates back to the early twentieth century and was designed by architect Harrison Albright. In 1917, the market was placed on the second floor of that building, on the site where it remains to this day.

The Los Angeles Grand Central Market has always reflected the culture of the downtown population, so in its early days it had only fruit and vegetable stands, Jewish delicacies, eggs and meats. Today, it is a reflection of how the city has changed and in addition to the stalls, there are several places where you can try the food already prepared.

When you enter this market you can feel the mixture of aromas of spices, vegetables and ready-made meals. There you can currently find from places to try Chinese food to others that have the most recommended tacos in the city, gradually becoming a center of local cuisine.

Photos by vmiramontes, Neon Tommy, Bruce Monroe, LWYang, James Burrell, Núria.