Central Park, which is the natural heart of New York City, is so large that inside it there are several attractions where you can easily spend a few hours. This is the most visited urban park in the United States, and its multiple landscapes, the various activities you can do there, and its tranquility, are a combination that not many can escape from.

One of the places I recommend you to visit in this park is Belvedere Castle, which was designed at the end of the nineteenth century, in 1865, by Calver Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould. Although in the beginning, this marvelous dream castle in the best style of the historic ones in Europe, had no particular use, over time it has become a very visited site in the city.

The name of this castle comes from the Italian for “beautiful view”, and when you get there you will realize that it lives up to those expectations. From its two balconies and terraces, this place offers spectacular views of the surroundings, including some of the most beautiful spots in the park such as the Delacorte Theater and the Turtle Well.

Belvedere Castle, a mixture of Gothic and Romanesque styles, was once the home of the New York Weather Observatory, and now houses the weather station on the south side of the building, although the wind measuring equipment is at the top of the main tower. And inside, I recommend going to the Natural Observatory which has things for the whole family.

There you can use microscopes, telescopes, and see exhibits of skeletons and feathers, which aim to teach children the fundamental theories of the scientific method of natural observation. And from its observation platforms you can also see the flora and fauna that inhabit the park, being a perfect place to get some fresh air.

Photos by Magnus MWW, Supermac1961, Janitors, valakirka, Ram-Man, Downtowngal.