The Tower of David is an imposing citadel located near the Jaffa Gate, which serves as the entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem. Built during the 2nd century BC to fortify a weak point in the city’s defenses, it has been destroyed and rebuilt on several occasions by different civilizations that have conquered Jerusalem, including Christians, Muslims and Ottomans.

This iconic site houses archaeological artifacts dating back more than 2,700 years. Today, the Tower of David hosts a variety of cultural events such as concerts, charity events, artisan gatherings, and sound and light shows.

The name “Tower of David” was adopted because of its historical significance. Although the towers and fortresses originally built by King David were destroyed, the citadel retains its legacy and symbolism.

Torre de David

Archaeological courtyard at the Tower of David. Photo by Wayne McLean. CC.

Inside the Tower of David is the Tower of David Museum, opened in 1989 by the Jerusalem Foundation. The museum is housed in a series of chambers within the original citadel, and archaeological ruins approximately 3,000 years old can be seen in one of its open-air courtyards.

The museum’s exhibits offer a glimpse into the more than 4,000-year history of Jerusalem, from its time as a Canaanite city to the present day. The Tower of David uses resources such as models, maps, drawings, videos and holograms to illustrate the development of the city under the rule of different rulers.

Visitors are encouraged to ascend the ramps of the citadel, from where they can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of Jerusalem.

In addition, the museum features a special exhibit dedicated to the history of the city during the Second Temple period (516 BC – 70 AD), as well as a presentation on the history of the Jewish people in Jerusalem. You can also explore a model of what the ancient city was like during the second century A.D.

The museum also organizes guided tours and workshops for children and adults, offering an educational and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages.

In short, the Tower of David and its museum offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Jerusalem’s rich history, discovering its past and better understanding it from a historical, cultural and artistic perspective.