The Way of the Cross, is one of the most visited places in Jerusalem by Christian pilgrims and tourists interested in history and culture. This route, which extends for approximately 500 meters in the Old City of Jerusalem, follows the path that Jesus is traditionally believed to have walked from his condemnation by Pontius Pilate to his crucifixion and burial.

The Way of the Cross begins near the Lions’ Gate in the Muslim part of the city and ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Christian quarter. Along this route, visitors can find the fourteen Stations of the Cross, each marked with a plaque. These stations represent the significant events that occurred during Jesus’ journey to his crucifixion.

Although most visitors to the Way of the Cross are Christians, especially Catholics and Orthodox, it also attracts people of other religions and beliefs who are curious about the history and the cultural and religious significance of this place. However, it is important to note that the Way of the Cross is not a quiet and contemplative place, as it is located in a busy area of the Old City of Jerusalem, full of stores, restaurants and tourists.

For those who wish to have a more meaningful and enriching experience on the Way of the Cross, it is recommended to join a Friday procession or hire a guided tour offered by Christian tourist information centers. These options allow visitors to learn more about the history and symbolism behind each of the stations and have a better understanding of the importance of this site for the Christian faith.

Photographs by See The Holy Land, hoyasmeg, kudumomo, lyng883.