It may seem strange, somewhat outlandish and very original, but it really isn’t. The only thing original about the Guō Li Zhuàng(锅里壯) restaurant is having put together a collection of exotic Chinese dishes in a menu where the main ingredient is the penis.

The name 锅里壯 can be interpreted as “Vitality in the pot”. And it is worth mentioning that they are exotic dishes for both us and Chinese nationals.

锅里壯店 (Guō Li Zhuàng Diàn) restaurant in Beijing.

Just as you read it, you are not hallucinating and it is not as strange as it might seem at first, since the penis of different animals is usually a succulent and highly appreciated dish of different Asian gastronomic cultures. Anyway, also in the West, without going any further in our old Spain, criadillas are part of the national gastronomy.

The restaurant we bring you today is located in Beijing and specializes in serving recipes made with penises and testicles of deer, yak, donkey, horse, ox, bull, seal, lamb, snake, duck… a huge and suggestive collection, especially for the Chinese and Japanese, since many of them still attribute magical properties to these members, whose ingestion supposedly favors sexual stimulation and potency.

Assortment of penis.

If so, eating at Guo Li Zhuang could be like taking an overdose of Viagra, since the variety of dishes and penises is so extensive that we could binge, and see what happens next. There is no doubt that these culinary delights are highly sought after, given the price of the dishes. To give an example, a delicious yak penis can cost a whopping 180€, about 240$.

Let’s see, we don’t want to be left wanting because of the price. In fact, they have thought of everything and if you go for the first time, nothing better than the tempting tasting menu, consisting of a selection of ten different penises for only 90€, $120.

Yes, I think I would order one of these if I decided to.

Photos by Paul Lowry, Guō Li Zhuàng Restaurant.
Creative Commons and/or Public Domain