The Malvinas Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, on the eastern coast of southern South America, and are a British Overseas Territory, but close to Argentina. Most tourists to the island arrive between October and March to enjoy the climate, wildlife and rural lifestyle.

Visitors choose to visit the Malvinas for the beauty of its landscapes, its flora and fauna, and for its conservation. Birds and marine species are the most important fauna there and include 5 species of penguins, 4 species of seals, several species of ducks, eagles and hawks, and occasionally dolphins.

Stanley, Capital of the Malvinas. Photo taken by blmurch. CC.

All visitors to the island must have a return ticket, accommodation, and enough money to cover expenses on the island. No visa is required for British, North American, Mercosur, Chilean and European Community citizens.

Travel between the islands is usually by plane, with two flights departing daily from Stanley, the capital of the Malvinas, to various destinations, so it is necessary to make a reservation 24 hours in advance to visit other towns. Also, groups can rent boats and travel to the lesser known islands, which is a great advantage.